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Well known for its ancient Angkor Wat, located at Siem Reap, the other parts of Cambodia remain undiscovered by many tourists. This country which has seen much bloodshed in its history, is a place to experience the rhythm of rural life, and enjoy the natural scenery featuring dazzling rice paddies and swaying sugar palm trees blown by the gentle breeze. To the South, beaches are surrounded by tropical islands, only enlivened by a few small beach huts. In the deepest of rural Cambodia are the Cardamom Mountains, a vast tropical forest which is home to elusive wildlife, making it a new ecco-tourism destination. The great Mekong River divides the country and is home to a small number of remaining freshwater dolphins.The northeast is a world unto it-self, as its wild and mountainous landscapes are a home to Cambodia’s ethnic minorities and features an abundance of natural attractions.
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