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Islamabad (ISB)

So sánh & Đặt vé máy bay từ Karachi đến Islamabad trực tuyến. Tìm tất cả vé khuyến mãi Karachi Islamabad từ tất cả các hãng hàng không lớn, giá rẻ nhất bắt đầu từ ...

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Karachi is the largest and most populous city of Pakistan. It is situated in the south of Pakistan, on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The city is also the centre of banking, industry, and home to Pakistan’s largest corporations. Nowadays, Karachi is also known as a tourist destination for domestic and international tourists. People can see the collection of buildings and structures of varied architectural styles in Karachi.

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Islamabad is a modern and beautiful city located in the Pothohar Plateau. It is also the capital city of Pakistan. The city is known as a clean, green, and maintained city. Islamabad has attracted many people from all over Pakistan, making it one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan. The name of the city is derived from two words, ‘Islam’ and ‘abad’, meaning “City of Islam”.

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