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Hokkaido Hotels

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Hokkaido is the northernmost major island in Japan. The island offers a much colder weather especially with the high snowfall during winter, attracting both domestic and overseas skiers and snowboarders. Some popular ski resorts areas include Rusutsu and Niseko. Other major areas in Hokkaido also offers frozen bodies of water, thanks for the below-zero temperatures. During the summer, Hokkaido offers less hot and humid temperature than others in Japan. While 70% of the island is covered in forests, leaving much of Hokkaido's national and nature parks untouched. Springs and summers in Hokkaido are famously assigned with colorful landscapes, i.e. beds of flowers to bloom and picturesque caldera lakes. The island also houses some active volcanoes, such as Mt. Usu. Its geographical nature is also the reason that Hokkaido houses for some famous natural hot springs (called "onsen"). Some notable "onsen" include Jozankei and Noboribetsu.

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